The Royal Thai Restaurant: Going To Get Your Wish. Go Fish

“Recipe has no soul as the cook must bring soul to the recipe.” – Thomas Keller

Amsterdam, Netherlands is a region of farmers and fisherman. A large part of the Netherlands is situated below sea level, and mostly people of the canals of Amsterdam go out for big fishing adventures. So fish is the best food to try here at the restaurants of Amsterdam. Continue reading

Get The Best Thai Soups: Royal Thai Offers Home Delivery

Weather in Amsterdam is cold and damp, want something nourishing and warm that will help in restoring energy?

So It is good to go on the internet and order a bowl of hot soup. If you are not a lazy lad like me, ROFL! then you can go by yourself with friends or family and visit The Best Thai Restaurant In Amsterdam: Royal Thai, where you can enjoy the soup as well as coziness of place

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Best Way of Authentic Thai Rice and Noodles Food Dishes

Royal Thai is one of the best restaurant that serves vegetarian food with very good quality and great taste with new twists and sousy taste. Royal Thai provide you fresh and quality food in Amsterdam. The flavor of the food is so real. Vegetarian food is the one of the best food with thai food combination that you must try at least once in life. Here’s a list of rice and noodles dishes in menu. Continue reading