Get The Best Thai Soups: Royal Thai Offers Home Delivery

Weather in Amsterdam is cold and damp, want something nourishing and warm that will help in restoring energy?

So It is good to go on the internet and order a bowl of hot soup. If you are not a lazy lad like me, ROFL! then you can go by yourself with friends or family and visit The Best Thai Restaurant In Amsterdam: Royal Thai, where you can enjoy the soup as well as coziness of place


Have a look at the best we got at our place:


Tom Yam Kai



Tom Yam Kai is adapted from a Nigel Slater creation. It is spicy and sour chicken soup with coriander and mushrooms and great for winter’s night.


Tom Yam Koong



Tom Yam Koong is spicy and sour shrimps soup with coriander and mushrooms. It boosts the immune system and can help in fighting with cold and flu in winters.


Tom Kha Kai



Tom Kha Kai is Spicy and sour chicken soup with coconut milk, coriander and mushrooms that makes it rich, creamy and utterly delicious in taste.


Tom Kha Koong



Tom Kha Koong is spicy and sour shrimps soup with coconut milk, coriander,mushrooms and traditional Thai Herbs and Spices.


Tom Kha Talee



Tom Kha Talee is one of the most famous Thai dishes that is spicy and sour seafood soup with coconut milk, coriander and mushrooms.

The above listed soups are available at Royal Thai Restaurant at cheap prices which are prepared with healthy and traditional methods by our Thai Boss cook and her assistants.

From Thai Boss Cook: I will make sure, you will get in love with quality and mouth-watering taste of soups.