The Royal Thai Restaurant: Going To Get Your Wish. Go Fish

“Recipe has no soul as the cook must bring soul to the recipe.” – Thomas Keller

Amsterdam, Netherlands is a region of farmers and fisherman. A large part of the Netherlands is situated below sea level, and mostly people of the canals of Amsterdam go out for big fishing adventures. So fish is the best food to try here at the restaurants of Amsterdam. Royal Thai is one of the best restaurant that serves fish with real taste and flavor of Netherlands that you must try at least once. Here’s a list of fish food in menu:

Pla Priow Waan (mild)

Pla Priew Wan combines tang of the sweet and sour sauce with a variety of vegetables and fried fish. Stir fried fish fillet with vegetables in sweet and sour sauce.

Pla Sam Rod

One of the best dish at Royal Thai Pla Sam Rod that is fried whole fish topped with Thai “three flavour” sauce ( fish three flavours, spicy, sweet and sour).

Pla Kratiam Prik Thai

Fried fish filet topped with garlic and peper sauce and coriander: This is a very spicy crispy fish that’s surprisingly simple and yummy. Pour the sauce over your fish and enjoy.

Pla Phad Phed

This is a versatile recipe which is made with any good quality fresh fish, we cook a meaty deep fried fish stirred with green beans and bamboo in Thai red curry paste.

Pla Rad Khing

At Royal Thai, our cook deep fried whole fish fillet with ginger and shi-take mushrooms in special Thai sauce.

Pla Phad Prik Sod

We serve stir fried fish fillet with red chilli’s, mushrooms, onions and broccoli by which it becomes vibrant delicious to see.

Can not Stop myself after reading mouth-watering dishes available at one place that’s Royal Thai Restaurant in Amsterdam. Come and taste the traditions of Netherlands from flavors of different fishes.