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Authentic Thai Food Restaurant in Amsterdam

Royal Thai Restaurant is one of the top ten Thai restaurants in Amsterdam. It is located at Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 94 that is a busy road occupied with many restaurants however if Thai food is all over your mind then you are at appropriate place. We have plethora of space for over 50 people inside our restaurant, adding to that, outdoor seating is also available. Considerably, inside our restaurant you can enjoy both that includes your ordered food as well as cozy ambiance. Despite you can relish the moments and can add mesmerized moments by seating outside only if you want!

We offer a lot of variety in our non vegetarian Thai cuisines such as Neua Phad Prik Sod (Beef), Kai Phad Phed (Chicken), Gaeng Thud Woonsen (Mild), likewise, we also serves the best vegetarian options just as Sate Tofu, Tom Yam Pak, Yam Pla Muk etcetera. Although we have many special dishes included in our menu yet I would like to elaborate the best platters which are brewed with rice and noodles.

Royal Thai Restaurant Specialties: Rice and Noodles

Khaw Phad Jhee

This recipe which is made with fresh vegetables and eggs we cook with Khaw Phad Jhee with deep fried rice. This is a simple and tasty food.


Khaw Phad

This food is made with fried chicken, shrimps and fresh vegetables.


Khaw Phad Bai Krapouw Chilli

Khaw Phad Bai Krapouw Chilli recipe made with fried rice with fresh pork or very good quality chicken with green beans.


Khaw Phad Sapparod

Khaw Phad Sapparod recipe is made with the fresh pineapple and delicious fresh cashew nuts.


Pad Thai Jhee

This Thai food is a versatile recipe with fried noodles with very good quality fresh vegetables, tofu and eggs


Phad Sie Ieuw

Thai food fried noodles with fresh pork or good quality chicken and vegetables with soy sauce tasty flavor.

Khauy Tiow Nam Kai

This noodle made with chicken and vegetables with soup and yummy food with its soupy twist.


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