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Amazing Benefits Of Thai Food

Thai foods are undoubtedly delicious and, but some of them can also be quite healthy for you.  Check out some amazing health benefits is thai food. The ingredients used, such as fresh herbs and spices, are great for the immune system and disease fighting power. Thai cuisine which uses the freshest and healthiest ingredients. Use… {…}

Amazing Benefits Of Thai Food

Thai foods are undoubtedly delicious and, but some of them can also be quite healthy for you.  Check out some amazing health benefits is thai food.  The ingredients used, such as fresh herbs and spices, are great for the immune system and disease fighting power. Thai cuisine which uses the freshest and healthiest ingredients. Use… {…}

Food Thought For Special Occasion

“Think!!! When deliciousness jumping into your mouth.” Make your party more joyable by adding up some new variety in the party’s menu. Thai food has amazing ingredients which will never be forgotten by your guests. Most of us know these days about thai food. It can be difficult to go to eat outside with your… {…}

Special Thai Food At Thaise Restaurant Amsterdam

Want to eat yummy Thai food? Don’t get upset when Royal Thai is here for you! Royal Thai is a family restaurant and specially famous for our thai food in Amsterdam. We have over 13 years of experience in the service industry. Our goal is to provide great food and services to our customers in… {…}

Special Birthday Present for B’Day Boy

Birthday night is important for everyone. With the poured drinks and Thai food you can make perfect celebration. We are here to reduce your stress for birthday planning. Whether you are looking for great eating place for a birthday meal get together. Your birthday is special for our restaurant. Our staff and chefs are prepared… {…}

Follow Safety Rules While Cooking In Kitchen

Firstly, you have to be particular about each and everything that you are going to use for making your dishes in the kitchen. Use if and only if you use to with the kitchen equipment. Is this your first time in the kitchen? If yes, then take advice from the expert person in the home… {…}

Curious Food That Students Always Eaten

Students are totally thoughtless while they are going to give order for food. Most of the people blames their budgets, whether some of them claim to their short period of time. Behind, reason should be whatever but still we should consider that meals as a warning for our health with some taste buds. So, enjoy… {…}

Elementary Cooking With Auspicious Theories

Cooking is an essential part of our life. As we know, cooking is a passion of most the people. With elementary cooking plethora of dishes often ready within some minutes. Which is used to represent someone special either to intimate or someone else. Because the greatest dishes are very simple and great ingredients helps to… {…}

5 Essential Keys For Healthy Diet

From starting of the birth to till 6 months babies feed continues from their mother’s side. Which is very necessary for each and every child from the birth. In younger age everyone would like to become healthy and stronger in front of our friends or family. They need to follow some chart in which people… {…}

Scrumptious Thai Food Dishes For Parties

Welcome, into the vibrant world of thai cuisine. Become a part of this world order thai dishes in your party or events. Give a new twist into the party by serving authentiek thais food. Thai dishes consider as a rich food in all the dishes. Party is one of the best and foremost part of… {…}

Make Friends To Enjoy New Year In Amsterdam

Where you decided to spend the starting day of the 2019 in amsterdam? Make your night more brighter as the last year you had celebrated. Many things you have learnt in the last year such as maturity, how to tackle the emotions, make happy to others by doing some naughty things, how to give respects… {…}

Christmas And New year’s Eve Foodie In Amsterdam

A Christmas and New Year’s Eve party calls for great food in Amsterdam. Royal Thai Restaurant is ready to celebrate these festivals with you by offering variety of thai dishes. So, are you ready? To celebrate and enjoy these festivals with Thaise Restaurant. Make Your Christmas & New Year Celebration With Sparkle And Shine Hope… {…}

Fallen In Love With Thai Dishes

Thai specializes comes under number of delicious and flourishing dishes in amsterdam. Food should always serves with a lot of love. So, it’s speciality increases double in time. Thaise special food dishes are so flavoured and it is still a secret. Unfortunately this is unknown to many food lovers. Thai Special Coconut Curry liked by… {…}

Start The Multicultural Food Tour in Amsterdam

There are many delicious foods in the Amsterdam. Let start this food tour with us. We provide you the list of authentic and delicious food in amsterdam. SATÉ KAI: One of the favorite foods in Amsterdam is satay. Its is one of the delicious foods. It is a dish of Southeast Asia, Satay may consist… {…}

Food, Festivals And Light In Netherlands Eye

All countries celebrate festivals with a lot of happiness and enjoy more. The multi-cultural society of Dutch make a genuine effort to reach out to every community possible by celebrating an array of festivals including: 1 January Nieuwjaarsduik: This Day celebrates all-over the world. There are over 60 locations in the Netherlands to take a… {…}

Foods To Suit Your Mood

Whether you want to enhance a good mood or fend off a bad one, At that time you have to choose your food carefully. To find a food to suit every mood, check out few emotions and their accompanying snacks. Change your mood with Good Food. “Good Food Good Mood” Selection of food always matters… {…}

Preparing Your Thai Restaurant for the Holidays

As we all know that the holiday season are coming. The holiday season is very excited time and also the busy for both the customers and restaurants. Prepare your restaurant and manage all the reservation system in this holiday. Quality of the food and the service in a restaurant is the most important factors in… {…}

Crunchy Thai Salads That Rule The World

Thai salad is famous for its crunchiness. Also, it is so beautiful. These salads are very easy to make. Healthy to eat because natural ingredients are used. It is frequently ordered dish as one of the many communal dishes in a meal. It is appropriately known as Yum. Thai salad is a great way to… {…}

Thai Offers Admire Services To Our Customers

Do you want to enjoy admire services? Offer by Royal Thai Restaurant In Amsterdam. Thaise Restaurant carefully crafted the menu to reflect’s our guest ‘s need. There is no dish in the menu which can’t be customized. Enjoy your food the way you want it because Royal tries to make our customers happy to make… {…}

Where To.. Go For Dining-Out In Amsterdam?

In Amsterdam there is a graceful place where you can go for dining out with your precious or intimate. Determine the per-eminent and licit place to make your day great . Perhaps you like to taste the best and tasty Thai food in Thaise Restaurant Amsterdam. Mom’s home cooking is always best, but the taste… {…}

5 Reasons Why Must Try Thai Food Once in Amsterdam Restaurant

Thai Food is one of the most nutritious and the best food in the world. It is the food style of Thailand therefore it is hard to find authenticity in any other part of the world as Thai cuisines are all about mixing and balancing divine combinations to create a harmonious finish. Hope all know… {…}

Best Restaurant Menu Deals for Thaise Food

Royal Thai Restaurant is serving the top services for Thai food in Amsterdam since 2003. Our restaurant is located at Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 94, Amsterdam. This is the most busy street and have many restaurants with different specialties. If your craving are for Thaise food only then our spot is the best to have desired meal…. {…}

Never Skip the Authentic Thai Salads of Royal Thai Restaurant

Are you tired of eating tasteless diet food? Taste Royal Thai’s authentic thai salads in Amsterdam! We make our salads using the freshest ingredients. Indulge yourself in exotic salads prepared elegantly by our expert chefs. Before introducing to our mouth watering Thai salads. Let us know about what it is. Thai salads is commonly known… {…}

Top Thais Dishes Served in Royal Thai Restaurant

Living in Amsterdam and finding authentic taste of Thai food can be hard! Royal Thai is one of the top ten Thais restaurants in Amsterdam serving nearby areas with home delivery services since 2003 which is recommended by 8 out of 10 visitors especially for Thai cuisines. Following is the list of most preferred Thai… {…}

Catering Service by Royal Thai Restaurant for Special Occasions

Planning for a small treat to colleagues? Want to celebrate Birthday in a Royal Style? Desire to throw party for special occasions? But, sometimes, it may be hectic to complete everything in time or do not have plans how to make special events more remarkable. Thai Restaurant in Amsterdam I hope you are aware of… {…}

Thai Food At your Door Step in Minutes

Royal Thai Restaurant is located at a busy area precisely in the middle of the street named as Lange Leidsedwarsstraat. Every place or restaurant in that street has their own specialty. Either our place is also famous because of authentic Thai food. We are more focusing on customer satisfaction hence we are providing home delivery… {…}

Authentic Thai Food Restaurant in Amsterdam

Royal Thai Restaurant is one of the top ten Thai restaurants in Amsterdam. It is located at Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 94 that is a busy road occupied with many restaurants however if Thai food is all over your mind then you are at appropriate place. We have plethora of space for over 50 people inside our… {…}

Delicious Offers for Home Delivery at Royal Thai Restaurant

Royal Thai Restaurant, Lange Leidsedwarsstraat that is in the heart of Amsterdam, is serving with the best Thai food. If you are a foodie and fond of Thai food then The Royal Thai Restaurant is very pleased to introduce that we are offering home delivery services and catering services to nearby regions. We are providing… {…}

Best Offer for Reservation at Royal Thai Amsterdam

Dear Customer, We are so pleased to announce that we are providing the best offer for our customers. You will receive a voucher. With this voucher you get a 10% discount in the restaurant per table. This is valid and in voucher and notify in advance. This voucher is not valid in combination with other… {…}

Offer By Royal Thai Restaurant

Royal Thai Tour Powered By Be To Be Events   A wonderfully relaxed package for a day in Amsterdam. We start at restaurant Royal Thai in Amsterdam. You get a complete tour through the Jordaan, with more information and more stories from the neighborhood, You can explore the history and all other remarkable occasions I… {…}

Delivery of Healthy Thai Food at your Door Step by Royal Thai Restaurant

There are many restaurants in Amsterdam that offers food with different specialties. When comes to Thai Special Food of Amsterdam, Royal Thai Restaurant is no secret. As Royal Thai is now one of the best in top ten restaurants.

Get The Best Thai Soups: Royal Thai Offers Home Delivery

Weather in Amsterdam is cold and damp, want something nourishing and warm that will help in restoring energy? So It is good to go on the internet and order a bowl of hot soup. If you are not a lazy lad like me, ROFL! then you can go by yourself with friends or family and… {…}

Best Thai Fish Food at Royal Thai Restaurant Amsterdam

“Recipe has no soul as the cook must bring soul to the recipe.” – Thomas Keller Amsterdam, Netherlands is a region of farmers and fisherman. A large part of the Netherlands is situated below sea level, and mostly people of the canals of Amsterdam go out for big fishing adventures. So fish is the best… {…}

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