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Follow Safety Rules While Cooking In Kitchen

Firstly, you have to be particular about each and everything that you are going to use for making your dishes in the kitchen. Use if and only if you use to with the kitchen equipment. Is this your first time in the kitchen? If yes, then take advice from the expert person in the home who completely use to with all the kitchen equipment.


There are few safety rules that you should follow during the cooking process that are as follows:

What Should You Wear? Be cautions of clothing & other accessories:

An apron is the first thing that you must wear before to cook the food. Don’t wear anything that’s big or loose clothes. Keep long hair tied back. Never wear dangling type jewelry. Also, avoid wearing a bracelet due to sometimes it just tangled with around the pot handles.

Store knives in a wooden block:

Knives are very dangerous and necessary part of the kitchen. Keep it away from the childs and keep stores it into some wooden blocks and at some far places where child are not able to reach easily.

Wash your hands before cooking & after cooking:

Don’t forget to wash your hands before to cook the food. With this your dishes make hygiene and will be edible without any germs which will be helpful to keep healthy to your body. Same wash your hand after making the food. So, that chilli and all other powders remove from your hand without effecting your skin.

Fire extinguisher is the most necessary gadget in your kitchen:

Fire extinguisher is very important to keep safe to your kitchen. For making sure that you know how to use this fire extinguisher before a fire breaks out.

Don’t set a glass dish on a wet or cold surface:

As all people know that lass is pre-heated oven, microwave, freezer and other dishwasher safe. Glass will shatter if you put cold oven glass into the pre heated temperature is too hot.

Don’t let temperature-sensitive foods sit out in the kitchen:

As we know, raw material, fish and other diary products can spoil quickly, they need to store in a freezer at the right time.

Clean Kitchen Immediately:

Clean-up your kitchen immediately. So, that no one slip and falls if you remain to keep your floor dry.

Cooking is fun, but kitchen safety is the foremost priority. There are many kitchen equipments and environmental hazards that can be extremely dangerous. So, use them carefully, and children should never leave them alone in the kitchen.

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