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Special Birthday Present for B’Day Boy

Birthday night is important for everyone. With the poured drinks and Thai food you can make perfect celebration.

We are here to reduce your stress for birthday planning. Whether you are looking for great eating place for a birthday meal get together. Your birthday is special for our restaurant. Our staff and chefs are prepared hard to make your birthday memorable.

Doesn't matter its your 10th birthday or 50th birthday. Its our responsibility to nail it. Special birthday present for b'day boy/girl.

We are come with an unbelievable discount. Hold your breath. Check out our exclusive discount.

If birthday boy/girl comes with 1 friend than he/she gets 25% discount.

If birthday boy/girl comes with 2 friends than he/she gets 50% discount.

If birthday boy/girl comes with 3 friends than he/she gets 75% discount.

If birthday boy/girl comes with 4 friends than he/she gets 100% discount.

This special gift for b’day boy/girl. Enjoy your thai meal. There is so much variety of dishes, it’s undeniable that Royal Thai is the best birthday party place. So now, what are you waiting for, bring your friends, parents and even grand parents. Book your table now.

Special Birthday Offer

There are no more exciting place to celebrate your birthday than Royal Thai , Let’s get this night thrilling. Everyone with a birthday and a group of at least three paying guests will be treated with great pleasure to a free.

Does the birthday boy come with a smaller group? Then you still get the discount. See you on your birthday!

Your birthday comes once a year, don’t miss this opportunity.

Believe us your special day is not only special for you. It’ s more special for us.

Birthday today? Celebrate it together with us!

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